Alley views

in #photography5 years ago

This is a pretty cool spot to hang out in my hometown.

It is any alley way beside a small-business local-owned coffee shop called The Krazy Kup.

There was a food truck rally downtown tonight and I got some really good food and then some my friends wanted some coffee.

Check out the cool view from the alley:


To the moon,



Looks like a secluded spot in a busy place :)
Which city is it in?

That’s is a pretty chill spot. Every time i hang out in the ally’s here where i live a group of stray cats always runs me outta there .😿😹

Fantastic photo...

very beautiful photos about life @bwells

It is a very good place to have a coffee and to balance the mind

Great photography sir

Thanks for the sharing
Resteem your post

this post very nice..and great photography...i appreciate your contest..carry on my friend!!!!!!!!!!


Very good picture =)

l really like moments such moments this is awesome success for you.

A agreat spot for chilling

you seem to be having a great time boss @bwells

by all means continue gladly

Really a nice place to enjoy thanks for sharing about this place : )

Simple and peaceful that's kind of place i love to enjoy

these views are quite amazing to have :)

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