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Some of us will often selfie or update Instagram stories as a narcissistic event or show off ourselves. Even for some people, this has become a necessity. There are those who feel less when they don't upload photos in a day or renew their status on social media. Actually, what is your purpose for doing that? So that everyone knows that you are beautiful?


If everyone already knows who you are, your face and your daily activities, then what does your husband specifically see later? Just keep your beauty just for yourself and your husband later. Not fond of posting selfies on social media actually makes you happier.

Actually, what are you looking for to deliberately upload photos of yourself to your personal social media? Like photos? Good comment? Praise from people who don't know you at all? If your beauty is enjoyed by many people, it's fine. But, are you sure that they really like you? The only thing you get is a lump of fun. Uploading your photos to social media means that you share your free beauty with others.

You might have a selfie favorite, even an hour upload photos that contain your face and not infrequently in zoom in only to show how beautiful you are. Because of the many photos that you often upload, you no longer know how many photos have been spread in cyberspace.


Do you know, it could be that bad people out there actually use your photos for acts of fraud, crime or even for immoral activities? Can also be used as a meme for jokes people are not responsible. Photos you upload on the internet can be accessed easily by anyone and are free to use by anyone because you upload them openly.

After you upload photos of yourself who are selfie on social media, what will you get? Just a moment's praise right? Most people are jealous, but only temporarily. After that, your posts will just be forgotten by your friends. Photos of you who are beautiful will be overwritten with other photos that are more interesting. The happiness that you get is only for a moment and is false.

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Brother very good post, this post is very important for present condition, selfie not only bad for female but also male. In this month i came from in my mobile i have no selfie, today satan making forget us that without very emergency myself snapping photo is sin; except natural scene. Vote for you

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