#BeachWednesday: Swimsuit that raises the mood! #Egypt6

in photography •  4 months ago


When in Lviv rains - come to me on the account and look at my photos from the sea. My pink swimsuit, in the Egyptian Red Sea and my funny charisma will raise your mood! We with pleased remember our holiday iin Egypt! Wait, I will posted video of our chic number soon! 

By the way, you do not even imagine how nice it is to stand on the beach and catch the warmth of the Egyptian wind. My mother and I often like caught his hug!

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You two are enjoying yourself! But there's nothing like Croatian sea, you should check the photos. :D


I'm sorry, but this is not the Croatian Sea, but the Egyptian. You probably didn't even read my article...


Yes, I read your article (and it says "Egyptian" in the title). Yes, I know it's Egyptian. You obviously didn't read my comment "BUT there's nothing like Croatian sea, you should check the photos". As in, check the photos of Croatian sea. Get it?