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1/125th - F4.5 - ISO 640

Good morning!

That's what my cats yelled at me as my alarm went off. There are moments that I really do enjoy shooting early morning with available light and one of those is Time Square.

1/125th - F4.5 - ISO 640

I wish there had been a few less kiosks setup. Perhaps one or two less drunken zombies coming home from the club.

1/125th - F4.5 - ISO 640

There still is quite a bit to work with though. Tons of stanchions to sit on and cement barricades to play with.

1/125th - F4.5 - ISO 640

I am also a huge fan of the metal grates which some stores use to protect their glass storefronts.

1/80th - F4.0 - ISO 640

I'm still in some need of practicing focus with this new lens. The gods of autofocus have left me.

1/125th - F4.5 - ISO 640

I am definitely starting to enjoy Lightroom. I didn't process any of these with Photoshop and my life is much quicker now. YAY!

1/125th - F4.5 - ISO 640

All photos are taken by Brandon Ruckdashel with a Canon 5D Mark 2 - Zeiss Milvus 50mm F1.4

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Great photos! Beautiful model!


Thank you! She is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Nice photos!


Thank you very much!

She is so cute!!


She is very cute. Hopefully she will be around more so we can shoot all over the city :-) Turn it into a blog.

Excellent work, as usual. Your model is also a natural.


Thank you @wheatdogg! She really is. This is her second shoot with me and I don't know if she is doing others. I think with some work she can really open up and display a strong intensity.

lovely lighting in these photographs :)


All thanks to those blasted LED billboards :-) They really do serve as a fantastic "natural" light for shooting with.

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Wow! Stunning photos, buddy. Loving your blog.


Thank you! let me know anything I can do to provide more information about photography :-)