Snow in Devon, rest of photos + ASMR snow crunching!

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

It only came for a day

I was secretly hoping for more. Although it is a pain, cold, dangerous on the roads, and all that. Things sure look beautiful and timeless, that we are reminded how nature has her unpredictability. Tonight could be frost again or even further snow, however it may not happen - So I've had as much fun as I could in a brief 24 hour spell of enchanted winter wonderland.

snow - 1 (1).jpg

Very soon after it had begun falling in the nighttime, the main coverage happened quickly and people were out playing in the fields with sledges by the morning.

snow - 1 (3).jpg

close up cold looking shot

snow - 1 (4).jpg

Some large animal, unknown, had been across our front garden. Probably a dog.

snow - 1 (5).jpg
Something about perfect tire prints in snow that gets me all happy ... I don't know what it is ... the OCD perfection of the tread pattern? Thinking about Swede and Finn rally legends or dreaming of having a mid-90s Subura WRX to play with now in the snow?

snow - 1 (6).jpg

It's the back garden of my fathers home

snow - 1 (7).jpg

That's deep a little bit, for this area and in recent times at least. Global warming?

snow - 1 (8).jpg

Someone looks very tranquil and wrapped in a warm snow blanket .. Buddha has some mystical powers for sure

snow - 1 (9).jpg

Just a random selection of garden / yard things

snow - 1 (10).jpg

Roar like a lion ... a snow covering the head of a lion ... what does it mean?

snow - 1 (11).jpg

Another day already past, late afternoon sun made the lawn into a mini-tundra diorama today, shot close up as it melted away ...

Have you ever heard of ASMR? Neither had I until recently, and it just popped in my head again as I was walking in the snow. Therefore, whether you're a fan or not, you get to hear what I was hearing (and feeling) underfoot. Lovely scrunchy snow crushing noises -

Needs volume on, there's more to hear than see in this one, mostly!

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