A walk in the park

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courtney park - 1.jpg

(image moved to top because it is the best)

Courtney Park to be exact! My home town ....


Caught myself wondering down this end of town yesterday and thought I’d have a quick scout about. Had not been here for maybe 20years and that would have been in the summertime - seem to remember more trees lining the perimeter which could easily be put down to storms of the past decade.


Entering the park from the main road we are greeted with little benches and meeting areas - obviously they’re a bit more welcoming in warmer seasons


There is a lot of space and some grand old trees


Let's look around Courtney Park for more fun and taking photos

courtney park - 3.jpg

This is an area called the sensory garden. Especially designed for those who may have disabilities. A spot to contemplate the senses you have ...

courtney park - 5.jpg


courtney park - 4.jpg


courtney park - 6.jpg

Hear this

I still think the pond is the highlight ...

courtney park - 1.jpg

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