::.. It is never too late to have fun with the squad ...

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We always try and make the most of our day. Trying to use every last second of time in the day but it always never seems like enough. We are almost always just a little late. I am here to tell you it is never too late to have fun. It is never too late to meet up with the old squad and have a little fun. Sometime we run out of time durning the day but don't hate on the night, you can have just as much fun.


Arrow through the night sky.JPG
cactus in the sky.JPG
Light bodies in the sky.JPG


  • Photos shot on my Nikon d7000 , 10-22mm || @ the GSL, Utah

... can't remember if I posted this photo on here before but it was at the same place on a different day ...
........... still fun ..........

Team Boom.JPG

Thanks for stopping by :D


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