Honey Bees Are Now Out And About!! ( public service announcement )

in photography •  2 months ago 

These amazing little creatures are back at work and just a friendly reminder that it is swarming season. Though I have not caught any photos of the massive swarms but it is good to know it is the season. If you see the massive swarm of bees on a tree branch, wall, car, anything really DO NOT MESS WITH THEM. They are not dangerous but VERY, Very, very vulnerable. The queen has fled because she is not comfortable and they are still fitting into their home. If you see a swarm get ahold of the local bee tenders. You can basically stick a hand right in the pile but it is best to not mess with the pack or the queen in this frightened state. Get ahold of the local bee tenders and they will take care of everything. The honey bees are in a endangered state and it is best that we all do what we can to keep these little ladies safe and pollinating. Just a friendly public service announcement. :D
Bee and bug .JPG
Working Bees.JPG

  • Photos shot on my Nikon d7000, 50mm | @ slc, utah
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