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No building in Spain is complete without a cupola.

Auspicious ornamentation. It appears to be the Spanish way. Your contribution to architecture is nothing without the crowning glory of an ornate cupola to grace the skyline.

From my room at the glamorous Atlantico Hotel, this beautiful cupola appears regal and stately. It peers over Plaza del Callao below, a small bustling square of Spanish hope in a crowded capital.

Edificio Metrópolis


Dating back to 1911, the Edificio Metrópolis suggests the splendor of Spanish power. Richly finished, the black and gold trim of the cupola speaks power. Power over the new world. Power over the old.


Replete with columns and sculpture, the Edificio Metrópolis stands over the start of the Gran Via, Madrid's central artery. One of the most recognizable landmarks of Madrid, it dominates Calle de Alcalá and Calle del Caballero de Gracia.

Iglesia de las Calatravas


Churches are no exception to the culture of cupola. The Church of las Calatravas, 1690, is somewhat demure against the buildings that rose up over it. However, its simple cupola bespeaks quiet grace and deportment among the more opulent designs of the capital thoroughfare.


All along the Gran Via, cupolas and spires reach up into the heavens, an invocation of the power of God. Each structure thrusting upwards with more vigor than the next, as if God's grace could be purchased with altitude.

As I strolled along these streets, I wondered what these streets looked like when Spain ruled the world. Surely, these spires and cupolas were not the idea of latter generations. Back in the day, Madrid's houses of worship surely won all competition for auspiciousness. But today? Where they cannot compete for height, perhaps they still hold sway with statement.

I am neither artist or architect. But the skyline of Madrid suggests that skyscrapers, alone, can not inspire like design and detail. The grandeur here in Madrid, in Spain, sings a song that might not be heard elsewhere. It is a note that once heard, cannot be forgotten.


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This looks like a place I'd love to visit, I love the cultural architecture. Great shots and narrative to accompany them.
@tipu curate

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You've earned yourself an upvote and a follow with this well composed depiction of Madrid... I thank you for restoring some of my lost faith in this platform.. I enjoyed this slice of Spain and I appreciate you reading and commenting on my recent post.. I mustered up enough of something to traverse to 7-11 for a bottled coffee. As the sun rises over here in the east I'm filled with a hope as diluted and sugary sweet as the coffee I drank will allow a man that has been around..

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Hey, many thanks, friend. Steemit is what we make it for ourselves, much like real life... Appreciate the beauty, attempt to contribute something, and ignore, as best we can, all the chaff...

Cheers to you, my new friend! Looking forward to your future posts.

Well said, and likewise...

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halo @braveboat, I completely agree with you, the skyline of Madrid exceeds that of skyscrapers, because in it there is art, life and culture, but this is not everyone's taste ;)) congratulations on your curie vote, have a nice day

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your comment with me. Cheers!

You have brought me beautiful memories of Madrid. The Metrolopolis building on Gran Vía is a beautiful architectural structure. The photographs you show are spectacular. On one occasion, visiting Madrid, I stayed at the Gran Vía Hotel and from there I walked all around. Excellent post @braveboat

I am so pleased my post brought back fond memories. Madrid was wonderful, and I'm excited to return to Spain, this time the Costa del Sol, in the spring. Cheers!!

Un lugar espectacular Madrid, no te he tenido el privilegio de visitar pero por tu buena reseña cualquiera quisiera ir, las fotografías están llena de bastante historia y mucha cultura, las calles son tan tradicionales, la arquitectura increíble y los edificios altos. Me ha gustado como has relatado el viaje y como te hizo sentir, espero tengas muchos éxitos para futuros proyectos.


Gracias por tu amable comentario! Madrid fue espléndido, y los españoles fueron muy amables. Espero viajar a España nuevamente esta primavera. Esta vez, estoy considerando visitar Málaga.

¡Gracias de nuevo!

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I've been to Spain many times but I have never noticed the cupolas. Now, when you talk about it I must admit that you are right, there are many of them. I, on the other hand, have noticed the small balconies with many plants and sometimes even trees :)

Thank you for sharing and have a good day!

Thanks for your comment! I was really impressed with all of those cupolas and spires, but yes; balconies are everywhere, too! Athens was the same way: every window filled with plants and small trees. Absolutely lovely!

I am reading your posts and love your travels and photos! I've followed you and added you to my auto curation. Thanks again for dropping by!