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The York River begins as a pond up in Eliot, Maine, and drains its way to the ocean. At some point, it becomes tidal. The fresh water does battle with salt water, and surrenders to a brackish mix.

And the closer you get to the coastline, the more likely you'll find docks and piers dedicated to the fishing industry lining those river banks. Not as many as in years past, to be sure, but we still have an active commercial fishery here.

This photo was taken around 9 AM. Lobster boats cruise out to the open sea to pull traps and ply their trade.

IMG_2372 2.jpeg

Sunrise on the River


Do you see this photo as beautiful? Romantic? Serene, perhaps...

What is it about water and sunrises? And sunsets?

Is it the colors? The textures? It seems we're programmed to respond a certain way to these types of images; code that's written deep down in our algorithm.

We're suckers for sunrises and sunsets. And when you throw in a river, or a pond, or better yet, an ocean... Well, then you really have something don't you?

This photo was just about 7 AM on a hot October morning. A wooden bridge. Lobster boats. Dinghies. Docks. Now you're talking. This is Photo Opportunity Central.

I assure you, though, the men and women work these waters view this place as commercial, backbreaking, and risky. You don't catch? You don't eat. Get your arm or foot caught in a line and then tell me how pretty a scene this is...

Here in southern Maine, it's all about fishing. Cod. Haddock. Scallops. The sea is literally crawling with lobsters, and the gritty boaters who work this coast pull traps all day to bring in their catch. It's as it has been for 400 years.

I see this place in two ways. I appreciate the scenic qualities this harbor offers. Quintessential New England. Beautiful waters. Warm colors from dawn's arrival.

I also know how hard a place this is, too. Lobstering is a tough business. It's hard on the back, and sometimes dangerous. But this is where it all starts. This is the office, so to speak. Well, I guess it's the lobby of the office.

Just out of view, the office awaits...




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