Looks pretty nice and also busy. Those are some big buses. What do the two big signs say?

Hong Kong is a beautiful city and it looks amazing at night. I also appreciate your beautiful photography.

wow,i am really excited to seen your photography.because at the first time i am looking your photography..hong kong is a wonderfull city in the world.its so fantastic view at the night.really you capture this picture very perfect,its very impressible.thanks to sharing for your mindblowing photography at the night of hongkong.very well done.may god bless dear friend.. @boxmining

wow my friend y really beautifoul!!!

Wow really awesome photography like it.

Beautiful photography, sir. A change today by posting pics.

excellent city's photography.I like city.

Very beautiful night moments. Hong Kong is a beautiful city. I enjoy the night.

Great photography sir. Hong Kong is a big and beautiful city. Hope you enjoy here.

Great one really amazing.

Great pictures really beautiful

Beautiful night scenery of Hong Kong city. I also appreciate your brilliant photography.

Magnificent, there's so much character there!


The Peak.
Have a nice trip @boxmining

wow thats really cool pic where in hongkong.

funny that you also drive on the left

but i actually thought you stem from Taiwan? I just recently recommended your Channel to a Taiwanese :D

Great night pictures. It would be great if you did more blog stuff and not just crypto. If you wrote about where you live and your travel, a lot of us would be interested imo.

beautifull always give good post..i like your post..hong kong is a beautifull city..

Beautiful night photography. You are great sir.

Michael you need to post on here more! :D

The pictures are really very clear and in a good landscape mode. Great work @boxmining ,
your work teaches us to do better

Nice post i like it and East and West you are the best

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