MINUSCULE SPIDER AND HIS COCOON ( At least I think it's his)

in #photography2 years ago

While walking through the woods I came across an interesting cocoon - like structure, with some silk around it, on a large leaf ...
P2050029 samo MALO.jpg
... when I got close to take a better look ... a minuscule spider came out. I don't know the species. I saw this combination of spider and its silky structure for the first time.
P2050013 malo.jpg
I didn't have the macro equipment at hand on that occasion, this stuff is really minuscule, so the shots are low quality ... but things are still visible ... enough.
On this enlargeable photographs you can see a fly in the background ... it is a small fly, not minuscule but definitely not big ... so you can see how small the spider and his structure is. I f this is his structure ... it looks like it is ... but I'm not 100 % sure ... as always, the photographs are my work.


Have a witness !BEER

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