SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #50 - Double lightning (Entry 2)

in photography •  last year

Hi all! This is my second entry for SteemitPhotoChallenge of this week

I took this picture this summer. I was just about to go to bed and found that lightning flashed in the street. I saw pictures of lightning in Steemitt and I always wanted to try to photograph the lightning.

Unfortunately the tripod was not at home. So I had to put the camera on the windowsill.
I took a lot of pictures. The shutter speed was approximately 16 seconds.

On this frame, the lightning was the most successful.

I really did not get enough sleep that night, because I photographed the lightning on the balcony. But seeing the next day the resulting photos, I was pleased.

Nikon D5000+ Sigma AF 17-50mm

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Thanks! 8)

Awesome shot @boddhisattva, I love lightning!


Thank you! Hope I will have a chance to shoot more lightnings 8)

Amazing capture and my personal favorite out of the weekly Steemit Photo Challenge entries! @boddhisattva


Thank you very much, @ninahaskin! 8)


You're very welcome! I'm a storm girl and your photo is over the top! @boddhisattva ReSteemed

Nice post, beautifully presented . Upvoted.