SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #49 - The fly (Entry 2)

in photography •  2 years ago 

Hi all! This is my second entry for SteemitPhotoChallenge of this week

At first glance, the photo has an insect that looks like a bee. However, upon closer examination and comparison with photos of bees of different species, you can be sure that this is definitely not a bee.

Once, I posted on Steemit a photo with such an insect and @mweich told me that it is not a bee, but a special kind of flies that mimics under bees in order to protect themselves from natural enemies.

Nikon D5000

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Спасибо :-)

Wonderful macro with great bokeh!

Thank you very much! 8)

Very nice picture of the fly! :P
Great colour!

Thank you very much @mweich! 8)

Yes it's very similar!


Thank you! 8)

Yes, I think it is a hoverfly. You can tell by the short antennae. Good shot!

Thank you! I agree it's looks like a hoverfly.

Great job!


Wow.. (Those eyes!!!...)

Sure! Too big for bee :-)

I too thought that it was a bee.By the way ,it was an amazing click.

Thank you very much!

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