Mercury skies in winter (original color and B&W photo) #1

in photography •  3 years ago 

Here are some fresh photos from the winter walk in november.

There were several snowy days in the beginning of november. Later the weather was not so good. It were several rainy days and snow melt.

So I can say that it was a lucky walk. I found much of interesting gloomy winter landscapes and crazy clouds to shoot.

Original photos were not very expressive. They doesn't transmit the structure of clouds and gloom of these landscapes.
But after processing I was able to get some of that.

I made a color and black and white versions. And I can't tell which ones I like more in this case. Each version has its own appeal for me.

Color versions

B&W versions

Bonus pics

I made much shots at this place. And I'm going to publish them all in the near future. So I have some questions for you.

  • How do you like these photos?
  • Do you like more color or B&W version?
  • May be you'll like the more contrast in B&W versions?
  • How do you like this style of processing?

Nikon D5000 18-55VR

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Nice stuff again! I love the cluster of 'helicopter' seeds.

Thanks! Glad you like it 8)

Your pics are great settings for a fantasy movie.

Thanks! When I see the gaps in the clouds like on the last photo, I have an association with science fiction. For example, "Roadside Picnic" by the Strugatsky brothers

The black and white are cool, but I like the color photos more. Nice work! Isn't winter in the countryside beautiful?

Thanks! Glad you like it! I agree with you! And I hope to make more cool shots of countryside this winter 8)

simply love this!

Thanks! Glad you like it!

My pleasure!

Great! The winter is coming!

Haha! It was my first title for this post! 8)))

Awesome pictures.Thanks for share. Follow and upvoted. I love the snow.Here don't have. Cheers

Thank you for the support! I think we'll have much snow this winter. There will be much snowy shots from me. So you are welcome 8)

Облака - ваш конек! Они, как всегда, бесподобны.

Спасибо, очень рад! И их есть у меня 8)
Мне правда нравится вытаскивать их структуру...

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