Autumn sketches #11 - Autumn in the city park (in color and B&W)

in photography •  last year

And today one more autumn sketches post with color and B&W pictures that I made in the city park.

I'm not sure what is better in this case (color or B&W). What do you think?





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really awesome


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They just had to put up all those signs, didn't they?


Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you ask


There are too many signs, they're not necessary and just make the space look cluttered


In fact, these signs are really needed. Signs are located at the intersection of the footpath and bike path. They protect pedestrians from collision with cyclists

Park is amazing!


Thanks! Really nice place for citizens :-)

Friend the photos are great, greetings, I invite you to visit my blog


Thank you!



Thanks! :-)