Serbia at the time of lime blossom • Lindenblütenzeit in Serbien

in photography •  7 months ago

Hello Friends,

Welcome on a little trip for your eyes and mind.

Come with me to Serbia, a landscape similar to Tuscany with a light similar to the provence.

I am not a writer but a professional photographer,

so from here on further I will let my pictures speak and hopefully...

sweeten the rest of your day with memories of some impressions

of landscapes in time of lime blossom in Serbia.

Ein Licht wie in den Bildern von Renoir,
in einer Hügellandschaft wie in der Toscana,
umgeben von duftender Lindenblüte!

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Pozdrav @bobbyboe :)
Dobili ste glas od zajednice Team Serbia koja je formirana radi podrške našim autorima.
Za više informacija o našem radu i radi druženja sa ostalim članovima, posetite nas na našem discord serveru


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