Automobile in 360°#4 • snowmobile

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Schneemobil von Bobby Boe

Bobby Boe auf Schneemobil

Bobby Boe on snowmobile yes...that was really great fun :-)

Snowmobile (Schneemobil) in Austria.

As usual, also this 360°Panorama panorama for my client Meventi was shot from an "insight-outsight-perspective". This to say, you should be able to sit on the snowmobile, feeling and driving up the hill with tremendous speed under your bottom.

jermain auf schneemobil
This is Jermain who was assisting me with my adventure jobs. In this case he is even my model. To be honest, in the beginning I thought we would only go there, do the job, and carefully drive that thing to the place I needed it for the best shot. We didn't have that much snow in that location, so we had to drive up the hill for some time... soon as I was sitting on that vehicle some inner "racing-driver" in my heart woke up. This was much more fun than I had expected before. We were driving on a racing circuit uphill, downhill ... and I can really recommend this to anybody who likes the feeling of power and speed...WOW! This adventure was enabled by Snowmobile City in Saalbach, Austria.

Key Features (of the new snowmobiles)
Colour:Black / Slate
Front Suspension:RF
Front Shocks:HPG
Rear Suspension:SC-136
Rear Shocks:HPG

Click on the image to enlarge interactive 360°!

Snowmobile 360 Panorama - Bobby Boe - Rundumpanoramen

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This is interesting photography. My first time coming by a 360 degree photo Looks awesome.


Thank you.


Thank you for resteeming! I really appreciate.

Wow, nice 360° I love snow mobiles! 😍


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thank you


Danke dir mein Guter :-)

Einfach wow!


Danke Dir für deine Begeisterung.

good 360° you are leader