Aircrafts in 360°#8 • being passenger in a helicopter • Maybe you always wanted to know how it looks like flying with a helicopter!

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Helikopterflug in 360 Grad von Bobby Boe

Helicopter Flight in 360° and high resolution.

You may have noticed that my panoramas have much higher quality than "one-shot-panoramas" you would usually find in facebook showing action-events. One shot-cameras are easier to use for action scenes as you press the button once and you have taken a complete 360°-shot. However doing so,

  • you could not expect achieving high end quality which also gives the possibility to zoom deeply into details... and
  • you yourself would be on the picture (at least in a helicopter it is difficult to hide :-)


Well, as it is also very difficult to set up a tripod in the air... vibration is quite strong a soon as the engine is running, and didn't want to be on the picture (because I didn't want to cover so many interesting things to see in there, I decided to shot the interior of this aircraft standing on the ground. I took out the seat-cushion-pad and installed my tripod. The pilot and the friendly passenger (he was actually from the company of my customer) didn't move like frozen for the time I took the 4 shots. The view outside was taken afterwards. I went up with the pilot but we left the door in the hangar. While flying I was lashed with a belt, so I could step and lean outside to take many shots while the pilot was flying a 360°-turn.

This way I had taken a complete air-panorama, similar to a drone-panorama, but with much higher resolution, that could be used in post production to fill up the windows.

After having told you a lot about my little secrets, I hope You enjoy exploring all the tiny details in that aircraft, zooming deeply into the picture.
The idea behind this shooting was to give a very realistic impression of how it feels and looks like to be a passenger in a helicopter. You are welcome to have a close look at all the little details. The area outside are little villages close to the small town Fürstenfeldbruck in Southern Germany where I live.

Click on the image to enlarge interactive 360°!

Helikopterflug 360 Panorama  -  Bobby Boe - Rundumpanoramen

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Wow, the interactive 360° image is really fascinating.

I flew in a Cessna a long time ago, where the space was similar to the helicopter. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you!... Yes, I have seen Cessnas... but they aren`t as wide as the helicopter right?


Yes you are right. They are pretty slim. With 4 people without a pilot it gets very tight. Similar to a Trabant: