Aircrafts in 360°#7 • zeppelin from insinde • Where a human being usually cannot survive!

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Zeppelin innen

Zeppelin inside in 360°

This time I will give you an inside view of a zeppelin... attention... I am not talking about the cabine where the people are while travelling. I have shown the cabine in a previous post: Inside the cabine of a Zeppelin

This time You will be able to look around inside the big body which is usually filled with gas (helium), in a way that you couldn't survive there for many seconds... but only when it is in the hangar during winter to get a complete refreshment. Further it is strictly forbidden for non-stuff to enter... because a zeppelin body is very sensitive inside...and very very expensive.

This was, among with insurance requirements the reason why I had to enter the body with a stuff-person together, even if this made the shooting much more difficult.


Zeppelin Hangar Friedrichshafen (Germany)


Why is it difficult to produce a 360°panorama inside the body of a zeppelin?

Do you know these "bouncy castles" (german: Hüpfburgen) for children?
Try to imagine to put your tripod stable on the ground in one of these... and you have a clue about the difficulties for a panoramic photographer inside of a zeppelin. Remember that in order to be able to stitch the 4 fisheye-shots together in post production, they should be turned in steps of exact 90° and they have to be shot from the same angle from the ground. In addition, if you are in 2 persons inside, each step of each person moves everything. I had to take more shots and instruct my accompanying person to change position to be able to make that second person disappear in post production digitally... but also my own movement around the tripod, staying behind the camera always was impossible without moving the complete surrounding. 



This time I do not only provide a 360°panorama to you, but a complete so called "virtual tour". This means that you can "jump" from one location to the next using the small white arrows you will find while navigating in the interactive panorama view.
It might be a bit tricky to find your way out of the body (there are 2 spots inside and 3 spots outside. Please do not step on the cables inside ;-) I was told, after the hole was closed behind us to keep the air inside.

There are some more spots to explore. On this picture you can see the entrance to the body, which is kept closed in order to hold the air inside. There is another spot inside the hangar to see both aircrafts side by side from the middle... and ... if you give attention to a white arrow pointing upwards, you can have a look on the complete hangar from a bird's perspective. When being up there, you should have a look on the platform where you are standing... to understand how this shot in about 25 meters hight was taken... I didn't use a drone but... enjoy finding out!


Click on the image to enlarge interactive 360°!

Zeppelin 360 Panorama  -  Bobby Boe - Rundumpanoramen

Thank You for following my story!




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Brilliant post - Zeppelin is what fascinated me since a kid, never saw one apart from a distance in the air, thanks for that one!


Ich danke dir! Mr. Steemit DJ :-)

How many passengers does it hold and how large is the cabin?

This is the first time I see an image in 360. It's such an amazing technology, and it's so fun to look around wherever I choose. I'm really surprised at how HD the 360 image was, since I've seen 360 videos before and they were really low quality.

Really enjoyed reading this post and playing around with the 360 image :D.

Would be greatly appreciated if you could provide any kind of feedback on my blogs, whenever you get a chance. It will encourage me to keep doing better and help me on my journey. Thanks!



Thank you for you being so interested on my work. Yes, I am working in a highend resolution.

As always a brilliant panorama. Such photos can be very addictive. :-)

Hello bobbyboe, it has been very nice to meet you yesterday. I "walked" inside your panorama picture and I'm totally impressed by the perspective and the extreme high quality of the image. I can imagine there are many use cases for this technology as you already stated yesterday. Are you also working on events or event locations with this? I could imagine there are a lot of people interested in having an even broader/bigger perspective on these raves that happen in the Netherlands during the summer. Festivals/outdoor raves like DEFQON are not only musically spectaculary events but also spectacular in the sense that there are fireworks and everything.


Sounds very interesting. I havent met anybody to order a shooting of such an event with many people. For events like you described a one-shot-solution would be suitable... this means a little camera that can take the complete scenery with one shot. With these you could also take videos. The quality is good however not as highlevel as the shot above which is taken using 4 shots at very high resolution. I love goa partys... so lets go ;-)