Aircrafts in 360°#6 • ballooning • How could I not be on the picture!

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Ballooning in 360°

Since I was a small boy I always wanted to tryout this peaceful way of travelling through the clouds.
Again it had been my client Meventi who enabled the production of this panorama. I can really recommend a trip like this to anybody who needs some relaxing distance to daily life for some hours. This trip was organized by Blue Planet Ballooning in South Germany. These Guys are real pilots! and the mix of hospitality & safety makes those trips to the sky become unforgettable memories.

My strategy

Did you notice... I am not on the picture but my section of the basket seems to be empty (which actually wouldn't be a good idea because of weight balance reasons).


Maybe you remember from my previous posts, that when doing jobs for Meventi, I am usually supposed to create 360°panoramas that seem to be taken right out of the eyes of somebody who is doing the event. So how was it done? First of all, I was there :-), but I had given everything but my tripod and Camera to my friendly neighbor-passengers... and I made that floor-shot, we panorama photographers call that "nadir" while still on the ground when the basket was lying. 

When shooting 4 directions to take the panorama while cruising through the blue sky... I had to keep the tripod fixed in that section of the basket while I, myself had to move around the tripod using the very narrow space left on the side. As it is crucial for being able to stitch the fish-eye images afterwards not to move the tripod while moving around it, it is not a an easy task in this little section of a basket. Further All passengers tried to help me by being "frozen" for the time of shooting. Actually in this moment, it was not possible for the pilot to fire the flame without moving around to much... so I took the flame picture afterwards... to give you the best impression of ballooning action!


Click on the image to enlarge interactive 360°!

Paragliding 360 Panorama  -  Bobby Boe - Rundumpanoramen

Thank You for following my story!




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This is really cool! :)


Thank you Emilyl

an exciting adventure ;)


exciting and relaxing at the same time :-)


i want to try ;)
thank you bobby

Wie immer, total beeindruckendes Panorama. Erinnert mich sehr an meine eigene Ballon-Fahrt vor ein paar Jahren.


Danke Peter, auch für deine konstante Unterstützung! Ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen!


Sehr gerne! Wünsche dir ein schönes und entspanntes Weihnachtsfest und komm gut ins neue Jahr! Wir sehen uns dann wieder beim Meetup im Januar!

ammm now i want to try it also :)


you should!

wow how beautiful it is ... you need to be courageous and not to be afraid of height

Happy New Year

Whau, vielleicht werd ich doch mal Ballon fahren. Dein 360 grad foto voll der Hammer. Nur die ein Dame war etwas verängstigt

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