Aircrafts in 360°#4 • gyrocopter • Have you ever wanted to know how travelling with a gyrocopter feels like?

in photography •  last year

Cavalon flight in 360°

If you always wanted to know how it looks like,
inside a gyrocopter (aircraft)
then this one is for you!

This 360°-shooting was realized flying over the Donau.
This aircraft is similar to a cavalon, but 2 people are sitting behind each other while in a cavolon (previous post) people are sitting side by side.

Flying with a gyrocopter feels like flying with a scooter... 

Click on the image to enlarge interactive 360°!

Cavalon Panorama von Bobby Boe

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Glad to see another, good post.

love u brother... nice post

Thanx for your suggestion....its helpfull


thank you for your feedback

helpful post


Thank you Jannat, I am glad that you like it.

Hallo Bobby, wieder eine tolle Aufnahme, solche Panoramen machen einfach süchtig. Hab mich gleich bei umgesehen und ist jetzt auf meiner Wunschliste, solch einen Flug gönne ich mir mal.


Kleiner Tipp... auf dem Helm steht die Internet Adresse von diesem absolut empfehlenswerten Piloten.... Ist wie Moped fahren durch die Lüfte ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)