The Melancholy Twilight

in photography •  2 months ago


As the sun sets, the sky reflects.
All possibilities were present,
The foreboding and pleasant.
From which cup did you drink?
Take a moment, and think.

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thanks for resteeming my post


My pleasure. I enjoyed the track 😎

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Hey man nice shot and poem.

I think you asked through the poem if we would decide optimistically (green cup I guess) or realistically (let me saaay neutral blue cup). And I take the green cup.

Everytime no matter how bad or possible the foreboding is. And if the foreboding comes to reality I chose the positive aspects of the situation and concentrate on them :P

Thanks for sharing !


Hey man, yes, I'm showing that there is a myriad of options presented to us, and what we focus on, is always a choice.

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howdy sir bobaphet! I drank from the pleasant cup man, I'm sure you did to right? we are as we think and we determine our own happiness am I right?
Thank you sir for always making us think!


Thinking is a great past time :)