Nature photography - Shot taken in a rural place (relatively forgotten by time) in Macedonia 🇲🇰

in #photography3 years ago

I was spending my time driving around a rural place in my country, and I came across this peculiar scene...
I had to photograph it :)
The shot was taken with an iPhone SE (the image is untouched).


Below on the image you can see exactly where the photo was taken, also I have provided a link to the location on Google Maps.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 01.20.23.png

Link to the location on Google Maps

Thanks for watching, feel free to upvote, resteem, or do whatever you like. ;)



There is path you should look around

I've walked around a little, it was interesting. But I wasn't sure if it was a private property, or not, so I moved on. ;)

Haha.. truly peculiar spot, even as a resting place in not very good in's out in the open sun. Isn't there a shade like a tree somewhere out there?

Yes :)
that's why I bothered to take the photo, haha

@bmickov : nice pic! Never been to Macedonia but it looks like got plenty of greens

plenty of greens!!!

Thanks @investopenly,

the terrain here in mostly mountainous, this place is somewhere around 300 - 400 meters above see level.

Oic.. looks like plenty of fresher air too..

Here is beautiful yes, but some of our bigger cities and our capital city (which is a disaster) the air can be very polluted.

Appreciate/treasure it more while you still can then :-)

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