Time And Effort Can Shape The Hardest Things... And That Is A Fact!

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You see, the sea is a wonderful powerful thing. It have the ability to carve anything, no matter how hard it is... just give it lots of years to do it, it will do a wonderful job! This shell was once the house of a cobito (a tiny hermit crab) and after many years of getting "caressed" by the waves it got this fossil style shape.


I have no idea how many years it took for this shell to end up like this... 10? 25? 100? Way more than 100 years? It was polished, soft to the touch, very light and flattened. It has lost long ago its original shape and the opening where the little hermit crab use to came out. It has lost its original color too, now it looks kind of pale pink... I think the original color was reddish brown like most of cobitos here. Is the first time I found a shell like this. Most of the time they are broken or empty but not shaped into this thanks to the salty sea water. It was an interesting finding! A reminder that with time anything is possible. Time and effort can shape the hardest things... and that is a fact!

So if time and effort can shape the hardest things, if time and effort can change everything then that means whatever is happening in your life, whatever the problem is, whatever is making you angry or sad it will be shaped and changed into something more if you allow time to do its job and if you put some effort to overcome whatever is troubling you. Time and effort can change the shape of anything... and that's a fact!

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in colour+macro version, this little piece would be supa-mega-cool photo, I bet !!

My camera macro sucks big time but I agree, a good macro would make this pic mega awesome!

Yes, time is a great master and doctor :)
But and man himself can.


Actually, it's an operculum

Looks like it but I don't think it was that thing. I have seen many of them but this shell was totally different

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So true. I think that is really what people love about combing the beach for shells, they just don't realize it. Finding some pretty, different shells is interesting, but seeing the power of nature and time is the biggest underlying and awe-inspiring part of it.

Yeah, its a reminder that perseverance and hard work always pays!

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Howdy blacklux! I couldn't agree more, well said!