A Morning and a Cup of Coffee

in #photography6 years ago


For a moment, I drank coffee while the morning air was never sun alone. The sweetness I often find in every step of your foot that shifts in front of me, wishing you I pursue, but I never do

The coffee that had been kameduh since now, seeps into the dregs, while your face continues to billow with the remaining fragrant smoke that is missing on the surface of the window

My legs tapped on a small piece of paper, curled up alone

"Drink this coffee,

It's how we erase sad

And stop the tears that unravel ".

"Is this cup of coffee able to wipe out my sorrow?"

"Of course,

Because every drop you suck will slap you to rise. "

"Can I finish this coffee?

I'm sorry too much,

When it rains I have to go back to the sky ".

"Drink, I'm here till morning"


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