Season of autumn fogs

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Sometimes I don't even have to bother to find a theme for a photo, it just kind of shows up in front of me! It happened just today, I wake up early in the morning without an alarm, I don't even understand why I woke up. I got out of bed again with no idea why I hadn't continued to sleep, walking through the hallway of the house I looked out the window and saw fog.
It didn't take long for me to get dressed, get my camera, and head outside. I knew immediately where I was going to go, of course, to the canal. The fog was quite thick so visibility was only about 20 to 30 meters.
I quickly reached the canal, to my surprise the fog was even thicker there or it just seemed that way to me. I looked to my left and right as I stood in the middle of the bridge, almost nothing I could see.
In the distance I could see that the sun was going to appear any moment, all that whiteness and the feeling of being lost is really fascinating. I walked by the canal and tried to take as many photos as possible. I came to a small bay, a place that used to be used to turn ships around and today has no any purpose.
A large and calm water surface, which was a pale reflection of the environment, mostly tall trees and reeds, while the rest of the scene slowly disappears in the whiteness of the fog. I've always loved fog, probably because it limits the field of view and forces me to focus on what's really close to me.
Maybe someone will say, well, this all looks more spooky than interesting! To me, it looks like a dream, unreal and I don't have the opportunity to watch scenes like this every day. After only 15 minutes, as the sun began to appear, the fog slowly began to recede and disappear. All it's worth is relatively short, but every moment is a real pleasure!







28.10.2019. Thanks for visiting my photo blog
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"One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

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Thank you so much @ivanm7! :)

Beautiful moody foggy scenes - I like the boats behind the reed most, but all are cool autumnal shots, @biti 😊

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Thank you 🙂

Thank you @johannpimber! :) I also like those scene with boats.

You're much welcome, @biti 🙂 The shots are good.

Wonderful photographs Thank you for sharing your tomorrow in this post. I was fascinated with the mist. Good shots! A cordial greeting @biti

Thank you! ) I'm glad you like my misty photos. :)

Hi, @biti!

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Thank you so much! :)

@biti, In my opinion sometimes some things happens very destined way, may be for that moment we don't know it but when we look back and reflect on it then everything makes sense.

And this time in my opinion Universe motivated you to capture the nature's beauty and nature comes up with many faces and all of them are beautiful and mysterious.

Fog always reflects as Cover Of Surprise and by that i mean, slowy and gradually Fog reveals the Fresh face of Nature. And sometimes it looks like Fog is here to Eat the Whole aspect.

In my opinion when Fog slowly get vanishes Trees started to become visible and reflects as they are waving.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Thank you so much on your words full of understanding and wisdom!

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind response.

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oh dear @biti, I completely agree with you, the fog creates an incredible atmosphere, it's all suspended, especially the weather, it's not there before and it's not there after. sometimes we need our eyes not to see so far, that they are not overwhelmed by all the things of the world. the fog is so ... intimate ... and your shots are wonderful :-)) !! keep on and congratulations on your curie rating


Thanks! :)

Those are all beautiful shots. I love foggy days, they usually lead to my favorite days. Thank you.

Thank you on your kind words! :)

Hello Hello!

The photos are perfect for the girl to come out of the hoop to kill me hahaha

Greetings from Venezuela

Thanks! :)

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Thank you! :)

Beautiful shots.
Click each image and click again to enlarge ...
Oh God! See the mirror of the water reflect the trees in every detail and the reeds on the riverbank, beautiful.
Congrats on a Curie vote!

Thank you so much @mariita52! :) I also like to see this kind of photos, but to see it with your own eyes is really special thing!

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Thank you so much! :)

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Thank you so much! :)

Nice job on making it into the showcase. The pictures look great and the story was fun to read.

I, too, love the fog but I had to give up practicing qigong and taijiquan in it because of the fog carrying things with it that are not good for deep breathing exercises.