Cat on the wall

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During the last week, whenever I had the opportunity, I took pictures of my cat, mostly he was lying on a wall, sunbathing and enjoying the warm weather.
I hadn't seen him linger too much on that wall before, but he seemed to realize that he had excellent visibility from the wall surrounding the space. Maybe he's just trying to get away from a still young and small kitten that is very boring. Who could know that?!
There is absolutely no problem for any adult cat to climb anywhere, they can often be seen in tall trees, rooftops and many other unusual places, you know cats are very curious creatures.
My cat spends a lot of time in one day sleeping, the cat can sleep anytime, anywhere. Very often I see him sleeping on that wall, when I try to approach him silently, I notice he turning his ear in the direction where even the smallest sound of my footsteps comes from. Yes, the cat is always on guard, but when he recognizes that it's just me, he simply continue to lying down, as if nothing has happened, ignoring me!
I made all these photos as black and white for a reason, I hope you like these photos?!





30.10.2019. Thanks for visiting my photo blog
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"One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

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He looks so relaxed there :)

Yes it is, this cat really know to enjoy in every moment. :)

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In the house where I grew up there was a wall just like yours. With tree branches as is ...
We didn't have cats but if I saw cats walking from other houses or maybe just from the street at night, stealthy by the wall.
I love your black and white photos even though they make me feel nostalgic.
Estay Great!

Thank you! :) It is very interesting that no matter where you live in any part of the world, there are always some small things that are the same everywhere in the world. A few ordinary photos can evoke many memories of a person even though they are thousands of miles away! :)

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