Beautiful sunrise and squirrel

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After spending the whole sleepless night, early morning before dawn after seeing the sky tinged with gold and bright red colors, I decided to take my camera and gear and do one morning photo session. All the photos you can see are taken in a time span of only 20-30 minutes.
The look and color of the sky almost took my breath away, at some moments I would just stand still and stare at the sky, but I would soon became aware knowingly that I didn't have much time as the sun would soon appear on the horizon. I already had a plan in mind, which places I have to visit very quickly, I did not want to miss the precious moments that I wanted to capture in the form of photography.
I was changing locations as fast as I could, my destination was of course a canal. With quick steps almost running, I came to the canal, I made some photos from the local bridge. As I was photographing, I noticed that at a distance of some 300 meters there was someone, I soon realized that this was an acquaintance of mine, who apparently wanted to try his luck and try to catch fish. Walking towards him, I continued to take photos.
I spent some time talking to acquaintance of mine, meanwhile the sun was slowly rising above the horizon, the red fire circle quickly changed color to orange and a short time later to yellow, etc. The morning was very quiet, but I kept hearing the noise coming from the surrounding tall trees. Almost at the same time I decided to return home, I noticed a squirrel jumping from branch to branch. At the first moment I was in shock because here where I live there have never been squirrels ever before! I was trying to photograph it but on the side the canal where I was on was in dark shadows so my every attempt was unsuccessful, but it doesn't matter because now I know what my next goal is!







18.12.2019. Thanks for visiting my photo blog
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What a beauty ... rarely a beautiful sunrise ...@biti 😊

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