Slowly making my way back

in #photography2 years ago

I have been looking for a place and finally found and moved to a nice spot and somewhat got set up.

And I am hoping to get more active on the platform again, lots of neat things happening in crypto and it's looking like our time is coming again.


Found this little guy in the morning in my new home, was a neat snail but was more to it.


at first I thought It was a newly born baby snail, you can see it right above the big snail, it even crawled on the shell !


The snail seemed to abandon the little guy shortly after, and after researching on the internet I realized it was not a baby snail but a slug, either way got some cute picture so thats nice.

Hope you got some value from my post,
Thanks for stopping by, your upvote, comments and reblogs are truly appreciated.


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