Changing My Hair Colour in Photoshop - Feedback More Than Welcome

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Actually, feedback is quite required here.

I selected my hair in Photoshop CS6 using the Refine Edge tool and some other things. I have an idea on how to do an even better job for my next try at hair. I followed some tutorials from Tutvid for changing the hair colour. In addition to all the Curves layers he suggests, I also used Hue and Saturation for the Auburn and the Blonde/bleach colours.

This is the VERY first time I actually select ONLY hair and change its colour. I don't have the easiest set of hair. The obvious reasons are the various colours in my hair. The other reason is the little patch of baby thin hair at the top on one side. I didn't know if I should try to include that in the colour change, or leave it.

Personally, I find the silver grey and white grey ones the best. I realise that the grey shirt I have on doesn't help for the lighter tones of hair I had to work with, so maybe next time I'll wear white or a colour that helps the hair stand out.

Any advice from other Photo Editors, Photrgraphers and anyone else would be very much appreciated. Some additional tips for CS6 and the hair selection and colour change would also be appreciate. Thanks!

Binky and Hair (Various).jpg

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Cool, thanks for the tip.

Don't use black one, everything else is fine.

Thanks. I guess I know which one I need more practice at ;)