Snow Day

in photography •  9 months ago


I live in the Western US.

In my state, we get an average of 62 inches of snow a year. In the nearby mountains they get 340 inches of snow a year. The people around here are used to snow. They live in it for nearly four months. They drive in it for 1/3 of the year.

So I only have one question?

Why does a normal commute of 15 minutes suddenly take 1 1/2 hours?

Rant over.


Have a beautiful day--and I hope you are somewhere warm.

**The picture was taken by me, outside my place of work.

Resteems much appreciated.

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Beautiful though!

Imagine five times more snow and it will look like my hometown right now. :D

I haven't driven in the snow before. It doesn't seem like it would be a fun drive.


It isn't too bad as long as you leave more distance between you and the other cars.

I live in western Washington. Around here, if there is a dusting of snow everyone will panic and forget how to drive. We are supposed to get a few inches over the weekend. It's going to be a nightmare trying to do anything.


Hahaha, I grew up in Central California. My cousins lived in SoCal. I always thought it was hilarious down there in SoCal when it rains the drivers freak out! Can you imagine? So funny.

I think snow is awesome but of course, I live in an Island so when I go to a place with snow or a little bit cold I just love it. Great picture.


An island sounds really nice to me right now.

I really want to go to the snow


It's fun for a few hours.


I will be the most beautiful moment if I ever go to the snow


It's great at first, but it gets old after 5 months ;)


a very good post I like your blog ...
I am waiting for your next post ....
I AM Followed and upvote you @bigpanda
good luck to you



ohhh greatly snow


It is going to be falling all day. We are supposed to get about 5-6 inches where I live by the end of this storm

There are times when I miss snow, then I have to drive to work, and no! I don't miss it all that much. lol.
But I do miss the moisture.

great ever photography that is ever i see......i appreciate this typs of photo
thanks for the briliant sharing

Here in NZ I can snowed on about once a year - every couple of years we have enough snow for the road to town to close - that's about as much as what's on your road in the pic lol in our defense we don't have snow ploughs to clear the road :D

a very good post I like your posts.
good luck

I can see where you got your skills from now.

So much snow, i like snow and winter season. Good for a walk in the snow

Excellent your natural street photography ..Really outstanding ..

the real natural photography that is i see

nice photography dear
like the real natural that is
just amaizing to see
carry on

i live in indonesian, in asian, here always warm and never snowing :)


I wish it was warm here today. :)

Cooooool picture. As outside fallen snow so be careful. Take care you and your family. Life is difficult here. Should always wear worms clothes. Have a great day. Thanks a lot..... @bigpanda


Yeah, I'm always very careful driving in the snow. It can be very slippery.

amazing photography...

I live in Chicago and back in 2015, we had a snow storm that dumped 18inc of snow and awhile back we got nearly a foot of snow

Great photography. Thanks to share this. I love snow. This snow gives us joy and reminded that the winter is coming. The nature looks beautiful

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Snow Way Man, 1/2 inch of snow brings the UK to a sudden halt.

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Never understood that myself why the nannies and grannies have to slow down because of a puny 6 inches of snow.

science fiction, fantasy, erotica

See snow is our goal. Especially my kids. They fantasize throwing pieces of paper up and shouting the snow came down. They often see a cartoon movie. Maybe from there they fantasize with snow. And I promise if there is a mature ability to be financially, will take the family to see snow falling. Hope God hears my prayers. Amin

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It's 85 degrees in the southern US right now!

jajaja @bigpanda i dont like the snow I prefer the hot in a beach.good post bro

I sure don't miss any of that. Looks like they are at least treating the roads a little. The part I don't miss the most are all the jerks who think they should drive at normal speeds in that stuff.

Man, I miss the snow...

Would you believe right now it is 108°F out there?

wow! @bigpanda my sister also lives in the united states and she say that the weather is difficult because the cold is relentless but the snow is great. Venezuela is a great place but to visit to the united states is my dream I love to see the snow.

I am from Alberta, Canada and now living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Boy do I miss snow.. especially fresh white carpet of snow.. and the smell of it

Wow thats alot of snow, hope your keeping warm.

In Portugal it's not common to snow much. In fact, it snows a little and the roads are soon forbidden! Kids love it because they can not go to school!

an excellent post. photo I look like I was doing a post there where I live.

keep yourself warm, here the weather is changing now , arrival of spring

I know we use chains on the tires here in Cali....where you are do you guy use salt on the roads? Seems like an east coast thing. Joy


We do use salt--the Great Salt Lake is right beside the city and the salt is basically free for the collecting. So they use salt on the roads.


How do you collect the salt. Is it on the beach or lake edge like sand?

can take that much time because the snow again snowing down the driver so hard to control the road. thanks for sharing. I Will upvote and resteem