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Guys this is amazing!

I have joined here introduced by one of good authors, but he never resteemed me or so.
I have just been posting my photos and informations and... I just got 300 followers!

I love Steemit and how it works!

Below some photos from Greece

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wow Greece is beautiful. Is it safe to visit at the moment?

Hello, I am from Turkey and live pretty close to Chios, a Greek island. Greece is and was always safe, they have some economical problems but if you are a tourist its even better for you, meaning that the prices are more affordable. For example: I can take a half hour ferry ride from Cesme, Turkey to Chios and pay less than half for a full seafood dinner versus Cesme.

Hello. Sounds great. What they report on TV is sometimes misleading. I am sure they would keep the tourists safe. Thanks for your info

Read my mind with this question.

Congrats on hitting 300 followers you have some awesome shots!

Congratulations on your growing popularity @bigdaddy You are earning the followers with awesome posts like this one!

I love taking photos and finally found a place to share them where people enjoy :)

WOW Absolutely amazing!

Thanks for taking time to put effort into your post it really means alot <3

What a nice place to go exploring and enjoying!!:-)

Congrats on your milestone! Keep ip the great work! Nice photos!

Excellent work! Thank you for the great photos of Greece!

One of my future destinations, can't wait and thanks for sharing your pics

Greece is Amazing! What camera did you shoot with?

hey congrats to 300
hope they are worth something :-)
at least you got one.. me ^^ did you took photos by yourself?
tell us a little more :-)

Of course, all photos in my posts are 100% mine and original!

they are looking so vintage :-)
good job... would you mind to show us a bit more of Greece? i have no clue about this country

Nice pictures. Greece is full of amazing places. It is sad that nowadays most of the times why we hear about it is because of refugees. Congrats for that 300.

Congratulation: Beautiful place & amazing photos

Where in Greece ?


Hello guys, I am new to steemit! I joined the community to give tips when visiting Prague and the Czech Republic! I will be creating some posts very soon. In the meantime have a great day everyone! BTW, my favourite in Greece is Santorini! Great pics, thanks for sharing!

I would love to visit Greece soon. It's a beautiful country even though there's a lot of turmoil going there right now. Thanks for giving me the motivation to go! Hopefully, I can find time to go this summer.

Hello there! I am from Greece! This is the best period people should visit us! Sun, beach, cocktails and sightseeings also make the best vacation! :D Nice post

Love greece

Love Greece...especially Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakynthos

Great Photos. Greece is beautiful. I wrote an article how Greece can get itself out from the grips of the banks tyranny. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@jetblake/greece-could-purchase-1000-bitcoin-and-be-free-from-all-debt

Greece is so beautiful. Culture, nature, people... My heart is lost in that beautiful country. By the way, congrats for your 300 followers. σύντομα :)

Hey @bigdaddy - my late father was born in Greece. I so long to visit there - was there many years ago - had my 21st birthday there. Now I am in Cyprus which is also beautiful - will post some photographs

what a beautiful beach

Congrats on your followers and Greece looks beautiful !

Amazing photos! Congrats!! :D

Gorgeous country! Amazing pics! ;)

Congratulations on your 300! I am happy to be one of them!
Great pictures!

Beautiful photos

What a haven of beauty!

What a really beautiful place!

Nice! I follow !
Have a look at my page, i have some interesting pictures :)

Amazing!!! That view though! Obsessed! My sister lives in Greece at the moment and it definetly looks like heaven on earth! I love your travel pictures!! 😍