Lots of Canadians on here :) Found you from a comment on icedrum's post. Hope to visit NFLD one of these days.

Right on, good to see another Canuck every once in a while! It's a beautiful area, though I don't have much to say for its economy. Which province are you from?

I'm from Quebec. My family's mainly English & Irish though, I do speak French when I have to, but, it's not my mother tongue. My uncle is from NFLD, met his family at his and my aunt's wedding. Never met a bunch of people who laughed so loud so often! lol The economy for artists is pretty crappy right now too, for a while facebook made it easy to reach thousands of people but those days are over. That's why I found Steemit though, so, guess I shouldn't complain lol

Hahahaha they're best kind, great people here. I'm originally from Ontario, and while both are part of Canada, the culture, lifestyle and infastructure are pretty well night and day. In regards to your artistry, keep grinding, and don't be afraid to put some money into this platform - a positive return of investment is essentially guaranteed if you know what you're doing. Best of luck to you man!

OH I get it,I'm in Quebec lol Pretty different from the rest of Canada too lol Although the infrastructure near Montreal is pretty good. I did live in Costa Rica for 5 years - that was different lol Lots of power outages, one place I lived there was no water at peak times because it was at the end of the water pipeline...

I like photograph, nice post

Great! Shot, i wonder where you were standing before taking this shot.

Climbed the water tower

Wow! That was a great idea and method. Cheers!

Nice shot over the city! Wheres this at??

A small town called Bonavista, located in Newfoundland Canada!

Such a nice picture. Hello everyone i love this community so much better than ig

Unreal. Never have I seen in person something so beautiful. Can't wait to travel

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