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that phone camera is pretty nice. water with the sun reflecting off it looks dope


Thank you for going through my post.. followed

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This is one of your best sunsets!! Wonderful atmosphere!

You should take more photos!!


Thank are my one of the best well wisher and supporter of my friend

Indeed my friend. Super relaxing 😎

Amazing sunset over the lake! I especially like the reflection of the sunlight on the water, really wonderful! Great shot! ;)


Thank you and sorry for the late reply:)


You're welcome! It's okay, my friend! ;)





You are okay!? More photos coming! Yes!?


Hi..I am okey..yes but it will take little bit more time

Sunset is all about my favorite scene too. O dear @bibek You Shared beautiful and heart touching photos.. It is also my hobby to wait and observe and enjoy sunrise and sunset scenes.


Thank you..hobby matches with me..great to see your post

Hello! You should come back!
Steemit is having a hard fork this September!

Hey! My friend! How are you doing?!
Post some photos of the rainy season there?!

Hope you are very well!

How are things?

I would like to say "hello" and ask: how are you ? I miss your photos :) Greetings for your lovely family. :)

@ bibek are you ok, man ? I hope everything is fine . Greetings and let us know.

How are you doing?!

Come back soon!!


I am doing about you...sure..I will come back soon my friend