Springtime in Oregon

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Walking through The Oregon Garden in Silverton, makes it quite clear that spring is here. Springtime in Oregon means the trees that once put on a beautiful autumn show are now trying their hardest to outdo themselves. Where only a few weeks ago you saw dormant branches, the trees and bushes are covered in fresh new growth, but many of them don't bother with leaves this time of year. It's solid flowers as far as the eye can see. And the colors are even more vibrant than the fall in many cases.

Pink Flowering Dogwood, the tree was covered in these beautiful delicate looking four-petaled flowers, making look like the pastel version of an autumn scene.

This little guy seemed like he had just opened up, it looks so delicate, almost like it is made of paper.

It looked like every plant was in a race with its neighbor to see how much new growth it could get out in the beautiful afternoon light. You could almost imagine these fern fronds unfurling as you watched.

Strolling through this beauty makes for a wonderful way to spend a day. So if you ever get the chance when you're on the 5 freeway south of Portland, be sure to stop in and see The Oregon Garden.


Excellent post dear friend @bhp congratulations on the beautiful images you have captured, nothing better than the spring to my understanding is the best season of the year, I like many images, thank you very much for sharing these beautiful photos

I miss it there! Rhododendron fest was very fun in Florence. Ahhh thank you for sharing!

Oh yeah they are beautiful too this time of year! My Pleasure!

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