Silver Falls Golden Hour

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is an amazing spot where with a relatively mellow hike you can seem some amazing falls. If you're more energetic you can actually see at least 10 beautiful waterfalls, but you don't need to go far to be rewarded. This is South Falls, not far at all from the parking lot on a very nice trail. To give you an idea of the amazing scale, if you look closely you can see a railing that that lines the path passing behind the falls. (Be sure to bring rain gear if you take that path though, even on the sunniest day it's quite wet and cool back there.)Silver-Falls-Golden-Hour-by-Bill-Heller-LOU_32277_max1600x1280.jpg


what a beautiful place @bhp, and great photography

Such a beautiful place!! Amazing photography! I had been there as well! Loved it! :) Thanks for sharing!

That's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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