Santa Barbara Twilight Steem

in photography •  last year

I love the fog in Southern California! One time when I mentioned that on some other little social media site, I had a bit of a heckler who thought I was crazy. Their mental image of fog was from down by the coast, where it was grey and blocked out the sun. But the thing is with a little change in perspective, just a five minute drive up in the hills, the grey mist takes on a whole new look.

When the weather is just right you can get a clear day with a beautiful blanket rolling in over the city lights and the result is amazing. Once you change your perspective you'll never quite look at things the same again!

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Amazing picture! I have to follow you in hope of more nice photos :)


Thanks @mimilia! I'll do my best to keep them coming! :-)

How cow. That's fog?
Wow. It certainly increased the beauty of the twilight sky.


It sure does, it's a nice spot for a city-scape anyway, but I love the glow of the lights through the fog. Thanks @nature-trail

Excellent shot @bhp!!

Santa Barbara is just the perfect coastal town. This is a beautiful shot.