So good, I posted my amateur photographs....but yours is pro. Very nice, I dig it.

Incredible picture!

Gorgeous capture, Bill! Being in the Canadian Maritimes we only got a partial and no clear pics so thank you for sharing your part of the view.

Thanks @sarahbutland! My Pleasure! This was actually the second total solar eclipse I've happened to live in the path of. But the fist one was clouded over right before totality so I was very happy to get another chance to see the whole thing.

Awesome pics. You are a true professional!!

I as able to take some great pictures as well because there was a considerable amount of cloud cover, allowing my kids and I to view it with the naked eye!

Check it out...

I've got a good joke today: I really don't understand why people are making so much noise... eclipses of the Sun happens every night!

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