Wonderful Free Air Show 🎈

What a wonderful opportunity to get a free air show while visiting some friends. Dear friends of ours had invited us for a backyard dinner, a once a year event where the adults sit and talk while our kids swim in the pool, shoot water balloons with a giant slingshot and reconnect after not seeing each other for a year.

After dinner, as we relaxed on the deck, we were all treated this wonderful, unexpected and exciting view.

First one.


Then two.


Then three!!!


A few close ups ... well as close up as I can get with an iPhone 6. They were really much closer.




Hope you enjoyed and please do visit again soon. Thank you, from Beyond Mountains Homestead !



What an awesome treat!! Now I'm left wondering why you didn't try to figure out how to get a ride in one of them!!

@jaymorebeet ... wouldn't that be awesome, floating over Lancaster County Amish country👍🏻

Nice, I always wanted to go up in a hot-air balloon. At one of our company picnics a few years ago they had one, but it was too windy and the rides got cancelled. Oh well, maybe one day!!!

@cognoscere ... Hot air balloon rides are quite popular in Lancaster County PA. You could always book a ride, I'll watch safely from the ground🎈😜