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Show me your ocean photos from all around the world


Source: my own shot


  • First and most important rule: only use your personal images.
  • Photo entries must be placed in the reply/comment section of this post including a short description of the scene
  • To participate you also have to upvote the Submission post. Resteem is not a must but will help to increase the number of participants and thus the Prize Money at the end
  • Participants have time to enter between the Submission Post until 1 day prior post payout to enter this contest.


  • Each week I will pick 3 Winners: 🥇 1st Place 🥈 2nd Place and 🥉 3rd Place
  • Winners will be announced in a Winners Announcement Post 1-2 days after Post Payout
  • The Prize Money will be 60% of the total liquid SBD payout of the Submission Post
    Means, the more people participate the higher the Prize Money gets
  • These 60% of the SBD get split into the 3 Winners: 🥇1st 50% / 🥈2nd 30% / 🥉3rd 20%
  • All 3 winners will get an upvote on one of their last posts




an handstand a day keeps the doctor away

And even it’s a dream
To see the waves upside down

This is my sunset entry
For you contest.

Location: Caparica-Portugal

Done by canon

Hope it’s ok for your challenge

da binn ich doch gerne mit dabei:

Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway. i toke the pic at a summer evening, when the sun dosn't set at night. freezing 5° celsius and a harsh wind was blowing, but it was worth to get the stunning view.

wow sehr geile Aufnahme

Choosing just one is so difficult... but I've decided to go with this one : )

This photo was taken at the small coastal town of Wooli in New South Wales, Australia. We were lucky to be able to stay in a holiday home right on the beach, it was glorious there and with a town population of only 418 people, this was as busy as it got! Bliss...


Thank you!! : )
It was a really lovely morning on the beach that day.

This is my entry on EXTRAORDINARY PHOTOCHALLENGE - OCEAN initiated by @betterthanhome.

The Island of Samar

This picture was taken through my Smartphone last year in my hometown, EASTERN SAMAR, it is a province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Eastern Samar occupies the eastern portion of the island of Samar. Bordering the province to the north is the province of Northern Samar and to the west is Samar province. To the east lies the Philippine Sea, part of the vast Pacific Ocean, while to the south lies the Leyte Gulf.

Amazing photo&good luck to u

Thank you for passing by.

Amazing photography

Hallo....auch ich bin gerne wieder dabei😉
-Danke für die weitere Chance... mit dem noch dazu sehr attraktiven Thema und deine Bemühungen wöchentlich eine neue Challenge zu ermöglichen👍

Mein Beitrag dazu:

  • ein Foto das bei einem Spaziergang an den Cliffs von Uluwatu/Südbali gemacht wurde.


sehr schön. kennen wir gut die Gegend.

I really love river photgraphy ,,,Good ocean photography. Excellent story and writing. Thank you for sharing..

Wollte auch mitmachen, konnte mich aber für kein Foto von unseren 100ten strandfotos entscheiden. Viel Glück denen, diese konnten. 😀😀

na dann einfach irgend eins nehmen. keins ist keine Option! 😉

yeah, than I will go ahead and post my entry as well here again with this great photography competition from @betterthanhome

this picture I took from my wife on the Thailand Island Koh Phangan last year 2017

Wow, it look beautiful

Twilight in the Strait of Malacca

The sunset illuminates the coast of Pusong, Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia which enter the marine area of ​​the Strait of Malacca.

The colors of the reflection of the sunlight when it will drown exudes extraordinary beauty.IMG20180312185509.jpg

Resteemed :-)

vielen dank @lichtblick 😁

wie toll, machste jetzt contests?

wird resteemed und wenn ich was schönes find, pack ich es dir ins kommentarfeld

tolle sache, dass du das machst!

ja Nr7 doch schon. Hast letzte Woche mitgemacht! 😉
immer her damit!!

hab ich auf Bali gestartet, aber jetzt kommen ja auch wieder Reiseberichte.

ich supporte mal den contest !!!!! ist schon schwer genug einen gute challenge zu machen und bedeutet auch viel arbeit und liebe zum detail....ich ziehe meinen hut.

der grund warum ich aufhörte....cheaters und quali...

doppelter respekt für deine mühe.

hugs bro
der mix aus reiseberichte und contest is cooool :-D

vielen Dank @akashas. wollte damit auch die Fotoneulinge bisschen supporten, da man in den anderen Fotocontests keine chance mehr hat. Noch hält es sich in Grenzen, außer eben die typischen Kommentare siehe über uns. Naja solange es spaß macht mach ich es weiter.

welch schöne intension!!!!
@kissi hat auch ein mega talent. @surfmoment haben hamma coole pics, @brixter hat auch immer tolle fotos....@infinityroad ebenso.....ich versuch mal ein bisl unsere lieben steemians zu motivieren :-D

vielleicht explodiert dein contest ja bald vor lauter teilnehmer :-*

Beautiful sunset at Curonian Spit, Lithuania. Stunning colors and a touch of long exposure for additional dynamics. Ultra wide lens to get most of the view

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


great shot. thanks for participating

Sunset over Berlengas, Portugal

click on the image to view full screen

Full blog post here:

nice sundown und ocean shot. thanks

Photo by Dmytro Korol
Click image to view large

I found this hidden beach near Praia do Amado, Algarve, Portugal. I was there in the middle of the day scouting the location, and as it was during high tide, I didn't expect anything special and got back at sunset just in case. The view I saw was absolutely different. The tide was low, and there were lots of tidal pools reflecting the sunset sky. And this one with the boulder in the middle was the biggest, and it has the most beautiful reflection.

great capture like always. love the colours

Here is my Submission, Titled: "Mooloolaba Beach,"
Mooloolaba Beach is situated on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and overlooks the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Amongst its many features are the white sandy beaches which are great for swimming and surfing.

Well, winter this year is really long. Already mid of March and only now finally we are getting temperature above zero. However as per weather forecast this Friday will have -11 again, pretty crazy

Well, and the story is. As soon as very cold weather stayed for quite a while, have decided also to visit nearby small city Palanga (mostly rest city) with a famous sightseeing bridge, which goes to the sea some hundred meters. Counting it will have nice ice formations as well

Was damn lucky again to catch stunning colourful sunset. And very calm. Just this time was really pretty dangerous to climb onto icy stones with a camera on a tripod. Was very careful and came back home even wet, like had good cross-fit training session

Hope result was worth it


Both your photos are fabulous... just letting you know though, I believe we're only allowed one entry : )

Well, it is not written in the rules though...

Yeah I know, I asked last week as I couldn't find what the rules were on that. Just thought I'd let you know : )

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