Thank you for 1000 followers!

I wanna thank you guys so much for my first 1000 followers. I keep posting and hope you enjoy it! This time: Barcelona, two weeks ago, made by my girlfriend, @perspectives.



damn how did you get so many followers so fast you just got on steemit. congrats

Thanks man, just keep on steemin'! ;)

Do I recognize here the Ramblas?

Yay, that's right, very good! :)

Thank you for the photos! They are amazing.

Thank you very much, appreciate it! :)

congrats on the followers your pictures will keep them coming I am sure!

Thank you so much! :)

WOW! Good luck and I wish you well. I hope to get a few followers too! Just a few! And a couple of upvotes, just a couple..LOL

Thank you so much! Good luck for you too, upvoted and following you already! :)

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Thanks for also following me as well.

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Hast dich ja ganz schön ins Zeug gelegt... haha

Jo, ich geb mein Bestes haha. Danke!

congratulations STEEM on to the moon!

Wow an amazing milestone, consider it now 1001 :) .. all the best to you my friend.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it, and for sure following you already! :)

Wow! Congratulations that is an awesome milestone.
Keep it up and keep your eye on @tremendopercy
Here's something for you.


Wow, that quote definitely comes in my list of 'top quotes', thank you so much, blessings for you! :)

You're welcome.
Check my posts over the last few days. There are so many inspirational quotes by famous icons you may not have read.
Again well done @tremendospercy

wow congrats! any advice on how you did it so fast?

Thank you! Just stumbled upon great other users here and constantly exchanged knowledge and pictures, everybody is so excited and friendly here. Keep on steemin'! :)

You sure have been doing a lot of clicking

True, but also had a lot of great exchange with other users :)
Thank you for your comment!

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