We Are Change Colorado - February Open Mic

in photography •  last year

Yesterday, I finally made it back to another @wearechange-co Open Mic event at Journey's of Conscious Living in Arvada, Colorado. Per usual, I enjoyed the music, ideas, and philosophy everyone shared. It was also nice to see familiar faces and meet new ones. Here are some moments I captured during the evening.

Swirl slappin' the bass.

@juxley talking about how we talk about money or, rather, currency.

@johnnyhurley providing some rhythm support for Chelsea as she blessed us with a beautiful prayer song.

Glen sharing his wisdom on the the most powerful force in the universe, love.

Rory was all smiles after singing karaoke for us.

abp_20180226_We_Are_Change_Colorado-007_DSC1209.JPG Mona doing the dang thing with so much heart and soul.

abp_20180226_We_Are_Change_Colorado-008_DSC1218.JPG @johnnyhurley listening to Chuck Williams as he talks about Dash cryptocurrency's focus on the needs of the user, innovating masternodes, and instantaneous transactions.

abp_20180226_We_Are_Change_Colorado-009_DSC1226.JPG Dj Uunn treated us to an ultra fun dance party to close out the evening.

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Great shots of great people doing it right! Happy I got to come and see you groovy, beautiful souls, albeit brief! Keep the dream alive ⚡️🔥

Bro your pics are stellar! Thank you so much for your effort and coming out to support us! *Resteemed

Awesome work, wish I could have been there (flying back from Acapulco).

See you guys this month!