Travel photo archives: Midnight Sun on Denali

Denali, the tallest peak in North America towers over the surrounding mountains. Usually with a summit wrapped in impenetrable cloud, by all accounts.

We had booked our time camping at Wonder Lake campground well in advance. As we arrived in the rain, wind and cloud we weren't expecting to see much.

We certainly weren't expecting this. As the long Alaskan summer evening drew on, the skies cleared more and more.

Close to midnight there was barely a cloud to be seen.

It was because of this, that in the small hours of the morning we found ourselves walking along a trail, battling swarming mosquitoes looking for a smooth kettle lake to capture the reflection of the towering mounting as the midnight sun danced across the craggy face of the mountain.





Hello, thanks for your pics. Very beautiful reflection in the first !

This is real & authentic photo that I ever see.
Loooking so beautifull.
Your photographic capability is so well.
Thanks for your creativity.

Beautiful Pictures my Friend👍


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