Travel photo archives: Even more Alaskan wildlife

So it turns out that we have a few more Alaskan wildlife pictures in the travel photo archives.

This was the moose who was just hanging out at the campground one morning.

This chap did not look impressed, we stopped to use the rest stop heading back south from Deadhorse. This guy suggested we try another one.

This is the only photo we took of a fox, sadly not very good, taken from the bus in Denali National Park.

Another bear, also seen from the bus in Denali National Park.

Mother and cub wandering the tundra, just out of Deadhorse on the shores of the Arctic ocean in Prudhoe bay.

A few of the caribou wandering the Northern Slope en route to Deadhorse

We never did see a wolf.


We've been terribly neglectful about updating/finishing the blog posts about our travels. We're sorting through the photos (and catching up on blog posts) from our Alaska—Argentina road trip. There are so many photos from our travels that we've forgotten that we took a lot of them! These are a few photos from that adventure. Blog updates coming soon.

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