The Beauty of Peeling Paint

in photography •  2 years ago

Appreciating The Beauty In Everyday Objects

Sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate objects that others pass over. There can be beauty in imperfection, discarded goods, and other unsavory sights. If you look close enough and open your your mind, you will have a new appreciation for the things around you. I found a building with peeling paint on the side. Most people would drive by while muttering something about "bringing down property value" or a similar negative comment. While this may be true, I found it quite fascinating and decided to take a few photos. Here is the result of that quick shoot.



Maybe this will inspire someone else to take a minute out of their busy day and appreciate something they mayhave normally overlooked. Have a blessed day all. Steem on!

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One of my favourite things is finding stuff like this by accident.


Yes it's a lot of fun to walk around with a different perspective about your surroundings. (helps if you are not tied down with a 9-5 and have free time, but any amount of leisure can be used). But it doesn't even have to limited to just photos, it's fun to see old rusty items re-purposed into art. Another man's trash can be another man's treasure and also when you look at things you can find beauty everywhere. A cool trash heap, mold etc - it all depends on the lens you view it from :)

They say that accident is one of humanity's more important tools ;)


Absolutely! I believe post it notes were invented when someone made an adhesive that was far too weak to be used for the original purpose and someone came up with the idea to put it on a sheet of paper and made millions of dollars. An "accidental" discovery that really has changed the world, maybe not revolutionary, but almost everyone uses post its at some time.

I also think silly putty was the result of an accident.

I wish my Mom would have seen that

accident is one of humanity's more important tools ;)

it would have saved a lot of money that was spent on plastic sheets for my bed. When you're young, you have a lot of important tools every night ;)