St. Anns Church - Not the Name I'd Pick For A Church (SATAN'S CHURCH?)

in photography •  2 years ago

Probably Not The Best Name For A Catholic Church

While traveling down a street in Buffalo, I saw a beautiful church that was closed with fences around it to keep people away. What made me laugh is that the name Saint Anns Church sounds terribly close to Satan's Church. Someone even messed with the front sign to further add to the humor. I decided to take a few photos and tried to capture the humor and also the beauty from another angle. These were the results after a few edits and picking from quite a few photos to curate the very best ones to share.









Saying God bless seems a little bit strange on this post, but hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Sunday. Give hugs to those you love and tell them. You never know how long people will be around. Make the most of your time.

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I'd love to spend a night in those halls! NOT!


Haha! Might be an awesome haunted house (haunted church?) But since it is all boarded up, the scariest part would likely be the trespassing charge.

That is hilarious! Nice eye!!!!


The sign is the sort of humor I usually will come up with, but I didn't do it. That is all I saw that caught my eye and then I saw the faded St. Anne's sign next to it and found it even funnier. Can you imagine getting married in St. Anne's church? Probably a lot of pentagrams and animal sacrifices. (On the bright side the pig roasts are probably fantastic).