Beauty From Garbage - Ciroc, a Leaf & a Popcorn Bag

in photography •  2 years ago


I have begun to try to see the beauty in everyday items that might be overlooked or considered ugly by others. On their own, a foil popcorn wrapper, an empty liquor bottle and a leaf are nothing that would likely capture your mind, but when all are put together, it becomes something special and unique.

While attempting to avoid being cliche, this is true of people as well. Some may not be much to look at or seem to offer much individually, but when a team of misfits comes together they can create something that has never before been seen. Hope you enjoy!






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Pretty pictures!


Thank you @michaelstobiersk I have a lot of fun trying to find things that are often passed by. This is true of people too. Homeless people and those with disabilities may seem less valuable to society, but in reality we all have beauty within us and need support from others.