Sunset in the mountains :D

in photography •  last year 


Are you a mountain person or sea person? I am not asking if you are some kind of sea creature or monster ;) :) I just think people can be divided by 2 like in a case of cat or dog person if you know what I mean :D
In this case I think there are people which they prefer to live, go to vacation or just spend their free time in the mountains, they enjoying this kind better. but second group are sea people which they prefer swimming or sunbathing doesn't really matter they just want to be closer to sea :D
I am definitely in the first group :) I am not a big fan of hiking but I love to be in the mountains. I love the atmosphere there, birds singing, whisper of the wind and beautiful sunrises and sunsets for me these in mountains looks the best, you can really feel wild nature and enjoy far from city hustle bustle :D
What kind of person are you? :)

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