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RE: Patterns and designs in nature - Flowers

in #photography5 years ago

Soo GORGEOUS! I'm so happy to see you posting again. I always love to see your photographs and perspective. Absolutely beautiful. You put my silly photographs to shame.

I hate to leave a spam comment, but I have to get back to work. I saw your leaves pattern post too and said I would loop back around, but there is never enough time in the day to write a thoughtful comment anymore. So here is my spam comment.

Sending you hugs from this side of the world! ❤️💛🌻


I'll take this kind of spam comment any day over the one that's right above you! (edit: she/he's back down to the bottom somewhere... i knew this was going to happen )

And don't be silly, your photographs are great. I'm just an amateur like you - with a bit more time on my hands at the moment.
It means a lot that you still find the time to check my post and leave a comment. Hugs right back atcha 😊

Lol, will have to see who this wonderful commenter is below.

Your posts are all wonderful. They deserve to be on trending. Not posts like the nine different photo shoot of the same darn cookies. Seeing unfairness like that gets my sarcasm flowing which is so not cool. I prefer the happy bee.

I stole your collage idea for my post, hope you don’t mind. I wanted to have some affirmations combined on a photo and your flower collage inspired that thought. You are too awesome to mind silly things like that though.

I am heading out to enjoy some sunshine and maybe get in some lucky photography shots. Have a great weekend!! If only we could go photographing together so you could share some skills with me. My best of bestest to you! 😊💛

What?!? I love cookie photo shoots! Especially when its almost the same photos over and over and over again. Its like cookie brainwashing.

Don't mind the trending page sweetie... Its only for newbies who don't know its all trash yet. I prefer the happy bee too.

As for the collage, i'm pleased it has inspired you. Collage away girl! (i use a super simple website called fotojet)

Haven't been checking steemit this weekend but i'm off to see your post. Hugs to you and your little fam 😘

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